Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kinefinity Mavo - 6K and Mavo Cine primes announced

Kinefinity has officially announced the Mavo - a Super 35(24x16mm) cinema camera capable of shooting 6K, the camera, priced at $14000 with all accessories is quite a bargain considering that equvalent cameras cost the same for just the body. The Mavo ,which is capable of shooting 6K wide (6016x2520) at 60fps in ProRes or RAW (KineRAW) can also shoot Cinema 6K at 50fps, 6K open gate at 40fps , 6K anamorphic 4:3 and 6:5 , 5K at 74fps and 4K UHD at 100 fps (there is also support for 192fps on 2K )

Lens mount options for the Mavo includes PL , EF , FE and Nikon F and they can be interchanged thanks to the Mavo's KineMOUNT which allows for easy modularity , There is also an option for a variable ND carousel if needed.The camera is also said to come with an option of a removable OLPF - optical low pass filter , which would improve sharpness (but introduce Moire a bit).

The rest of the chassis includes the usual interfaces (SDI , HDMi ,Mic in and out etc..) as well as a slot for a 2.5" SSD and a side grip for an external mic and Kinefinity's KineMON monitor . The Camera also supports the  KineBACK rear attachment module and the new KineBACK - W series offers  a V mount battery slot , SDI out, Dual XLR and ability to transmit a feed wirelessly .

Pricing for the Kinefinity Mavo starts at $7999 body only, the basic starter kit would run unto $9499(the KineMON, 2 batteries and the Side grip are included with the starter kit) and the pro kit would retail for $10999 , but If you plan to buy the whole kit , then the price runs up to $13999 and may include the Sidegrip, KineMON monitory few Batteries , Kinefinity's own KineMAG  SSD and the KineBACK module with wireless transmitting.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD
Source - Cinema5D

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