Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sony FS5 II (PXW-FS5M2)

Sony has officially announced the new FS5 II , Building upon the foundation laid by the Sony FS5 , the new camera features incremental improvements such as a new color science , Instant HDR and dual card slots, while keeping the core FS5 features mostly intact.

The new FS5 II at first glance, looks quite similar to the older model, the camera features a Bayonet style camcorder layout with top handle accessories and a rear EVF , although it looks similar to the older model externally , the camera does pack some improvements in the sensor department as the new module is tuned for high frame-rate recording to an external recorder , therefore the FS5 II can output DCI 4K RAW in 60fps and shoot 4K RAW at 120fps for a short sequence , the camera is also capable of shooting 2K RAW at 240fps.

Internally the FS5 II is limited to 4K 30fps ,2K 30fps and 1080p at 120fps continuous  , the camera can also record 1080p RAW in 4:2:2 10bit quality for about 8 seconds at 240fps and the same frame rate in 2K as well , the camera features HLG (hybrid log gamma) and Instant HDR which grades HDR video content internally for video stream out, and as mentioned, Sony has improved the color science in the camera and so it now produces warmer skin tones (which may appeal to wedding and event shooters).If you wan't to grade your footage later,  Sony's has kept the sLOG 2/3 profiles in the camera.

Overall the FS5II as mentioned earlier, is  designed to bring  improvements to the overall FS5 experience , although the lack of internal 4K 60fps may be a deal breaker for some , the camera is still a solid workhorse for working professionals (who probably wouldn't mind attaching an Atomos recorder). But if you will want 4K 60fps internally, then the best solution is to wait for the upcoming A7 SIII or go for the more expensive FS7II.

Overall for $4750, the Sony FS5II is still a bit of a bargain when compared to more expensive options from rivals, the FS5 series , in someways is still one of the best small ILC camcorders in the market and Sony pretty much owns the turf so to speak , and the new model, with its addition of dual card slots, an improved electronic ND system and the color science, will surely keep Sony at the top of the  chart for some time.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Sources - DPreview , Pro.Sony

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