Saturday, April 26, 2014

Microsoft acquires Nokia for $7.9 Billion ,R.I.P Nokia , Hello Microsoft Mobile

The deal is done - the $7.5 billion acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft is complete ,
the move completly transfers all of Nokia's devices and services(except for the producion factories in Masan - South Korea , Nokia Chennai)
the South Korean plant in Masan and the Chennai plant(rumored to be under a possible legal dispute with the Indian Government) is said to close down , the factory employed over 200 staff , and these employees along with the ones in the Nokia Chennai factory will be given financial assisance to seek employment elsewhere.
Further details about the transaction will  be released on the 29th , Nokia's Microsoft mobile's financial results for the quarter , the fate of the Chennai plant and the fate of its Nokia Android devices and the Asha lineup will be explained then . But as for now , Nokia will be producing its Lumia line of smartphones for Microsoft and will continue to support the Nokia X and the Asha series.Nokia's last CEO Stephen Elop is said to be really excited in joining his former employer once again and he has been handed the title of Chief of Xbox and tablets at Microsoft .other executives such as Jo Harlow , Juha Putkiranta , Timo Toikkanen and Chris Weber are also said to jump on-board ,Some 30,000 Nokia employees will also be absorbed by Microsoft as the once iconic Brandname "Nokia" ends its voyage for good .

Sources - GSMArena , Elop's open letter , Forbes

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