Monday, July 21, 2014

Nvidia's Shield Tablet gets a early leak ,to be priced at $299 , Tegra K1 with 192 Kepler cores included

As explained in the earlier post , Nvidia has been planning to launch a successor to the Tegra Note 7 this year , the tablet , dubbed the "Shield tablet" is the second Nvidia product under the name Shield and like the Shield console of last year , the tablet will have some top specs and live streaming abilities that will surely get any gamer's attention . The Shield tablet is set to be unveiled tomorrow (22 July) and it will go on sale on the 29th of July in the US and 14th of August in Europe . The tablet , powered by Nvidia's Quad-Core variant of the Tegra K1 processor is clocked to 2.2 Ghz and it features Nvidia's *192 core  Kepler GPU along with 2GB of RAM .

 The tablet will come with a 8"  1920x1200 resolution IPS display and it will have its very own stylus called the DirectStylus 2 . Two 5MP HDR cameras sit on the front and back of the tablet and it supports 4K video playback .

The tablet has GPS and GLONASS support and it supports Bluetooth 4.0 LE . Alongside the Shield tablet , you can see the "old" Nvidia Shield console from last year , the device is not offered with the tablet , but the price has been knocked down by a huge margin ,so all of you with capable graphics cards can buy one up if you like the idea of streaming games while you are AFK (away from Keyboard) . You can also see a flip-cover for the Nvidia Shield tablet , and this is also sold separately .The Tablet will come in Wifi and 4G LTE data versions with the Wifi only model , which comes with only 16GB of onboard storage (expandable via MicroSD card upto 128GB) costs $299  while the 4G version comes with 32GB and a 128GB capable MicroSD card slot for $399 . Unlike the last version , Nvidia surely has taken its tablet approach more seriously this year and with the low price , great specs and a desirable badge the shield tablet will give a good run for their money against the upcoming HTC "volantis" Aka - Nexus 8 and the usual barrage of small tablets  .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Sources - Videocardz ,GSMArena

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