Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nokia's got to go ......Microsoft to rename its smartphones as "Microsoft Lumia"

If you glanced over the headline , this probably might sound a bit stale for you , but news of Microsoft renaming the once proud Finnish company is now inevitable .News provided by Microsoft tells us that they are planning to go ahead with "Microsoft Lumia " with the old brand scrubbed off . This move is not sudden because Microsoft was already running beta on the conversion , first phase eradicated all of Nokia's former "featurephone" and "Android based smartphone divisions along with the majority of its staff and factories , the companies website(s) were also diverted to Microsoft and so now if you go visit a particular model , the device goes under the Microsoft Umbrella .

Such a renaming process will have some effect in the companies marketshare at first , but after some time , people will be forced to either one of the "three horse race" platforms so making everything under the name "Microsoft" will give the company some value . But sadly in the process some of the once great empires will disappear into history which is kind of sad because Nokia was probably the most household name when it came to mobile phones of a bygone era.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - TheVerge

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