Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apple watch is finally ready for the masses , pre orders start next month

A lot has been said and done , but Apple didn't officially launch the pilot Apple watch program until today .Although Apple made the Apple watch take the spotlight , they still had enough time allocated to announce satisfaction records (which stands at 99%)and details about Apple's 700 million iPhones sold to date . Apple also announced a new member to the Macbook family - 12" Macbook and gave plans to send iOS 8.2 to current Apple devices in anticipation of the Apple watch - which apparently works only with iOS devices running the above mentioned software version .

The Apple watch - which as Apple explained last year - will come in 3 flavors . The "basic" version is called "Apple Watch Sport" , the mid tier version will be called the "Apple watch" and the top of the range version will go with the name "Apple Watch edition" , the pricing of these three models will vary from $349 upto a mind blowing $10,000 .

A new suite of special apps are developed(being developed) under the Watchkit SDK , new apps are expected to work on iOS 8.2 devices and currently third party apps like Shazam , Alarm.com - which lets you open the garage door and monitor CCTV activity work well , more apps for the Apple watch are soon to follow . Apple also has its own suite of apps including a health app , calendar, Siri (she can be accessed by pressing the crown button) as well as support for Apple Pay . The watch is also said to integrate a Microphone and a speaker so you can directly respond to calls via your watch . The watch also gives users the ability to read messages and emails and mark them as read or remove them , you can also get upto date weather , calendar updates , fitness data via smartphone which will be tethered to your watch via a bluetooth or wifi connection . Apple also expects a good 18 hour battery life out of the Apple watch .

Apple Watch Sport

This is the "entry level" Apple watch , the specs are almost identical to the high end models , but the elegant steel or gold encrusted straps found in the higher end models have been replaced by colorful silicone watch straps which come in 38mm and 42mm models , the 38mm model costs $349 and the 42mm model costs $399 .

Apple Watch

This is the mid tier option of the three, this model features stainless steel designs in either Space gray or stainless steel, the 38mm model is said to cost around $549-$1049 (38mm - Stainless steel finish) and $599- $1099 (42mm - Space gray finish) .

There is also a optional leather strap model

Apple Watch Edition

This is probably the most overpriced expensive of the lot - the Watch Editions basically share the same specs as the other two but the addition of 18Karat gold puts it in the $10,000 range . The versions come in 18 Karat rose gold or 18 Karat yellow gold with

18Karat Rose gold options available with the white sports band model and rose gray model , the other - 18 Karat Yellow gold versions will come with staps in the following colors - Midnight blue , bright red, black sport and Black classic

Pre orders for the Apple watch start on the 9th of April in United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source - 9to5mac

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