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Canon EOS 6D MKII is official

Canon has officially announced their latest entry level full frame DSLR camera . The new model , based on the previous 6D is given the title - 6D Mk 2 in Canon's traditional naming scheme .

Starting from the design , the new camera still uses a hybrid metal and polycarbonate frame and is apparently the lightest 35mm DSLR in Canon camera in production yet . The new camera also has a fully articulating touchscreen display a - la Canon 80D (but at 3") . The body is also weather resistant.

Switching over to the internals , we can clearly see (based on previously leaked info)that the new 6Dmk2 has major improvements over its predecessor from 2012 in the photography department . For starters ,the biggest complaint of the 6D was its AF (more like the lack of it) , but the new model has 45 all cross type AF points  and is also assisted by Canon's excellent PDAF - phase detection AF which brings very significant upgrades over the one it replaces , the megapixels have also seen a boost upto 26.4MP and this also allows it to hit ISO 100- 400,000 with boost . The frame rate buffer of the camera has also improved to 6.5fps and the megapixel count of the new camera.The metering system is also said to be from the 80D .

On the video side , things start to look more laid back as the camera still goes upto 1080p@60fps , this is fine for most photographers (and keep in mind  that this is a perfect stills camera , not a jack of all trades) , but the lack of 4K (except 4K timelapse) might be a bit of a headscratcher to some , but always keep in mind that Canon still has the 5D mk4 to sell , and adding that would cannibalize some sales if that were to happen (and if you are a video shooter , the innovative nature of Panasonic and Sony would have already hooked you on already) . So if you can live with 1080p, the camera will still not dissapoint as it features 5 axis electronic stability (uses 3 axis from a gyro and 2 from the lens IS) , PDAF in live view and a touchscreen with a vari angle rotation .

External Audio recording is possible on the 6DMK2 thanks to a mic input , but sadly a headset out is missing on the camera . Other ports include a HDMI for output .

Finally we have the other little nicks which we didnt discuss earlier , Current Canon owners can also rejoice that their existing batteries NP E6N will still work on the MK2 . Users who also own UHS1 standard cards can keep them around as the camera sadly still uses 1 card slot with UHS1 support.NFS and Wifi are also supported on the camera .

Pricing for the camera is said to be $1999 for body only , and you can spec this with Canon's 24-105 f4 II lens for $3099 or 24-105 f3.5-5.6 STM for $2599 and E21 external battery grip for $300 . Shipments start in July 2017.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Sources -

Images and press release - Canon press/UK

Press release (Canon UK) ,U.S prices are mentioned above .

Realise your creative vision with the latest generation full frame DSLR camera; Canon reveals the highly anticipated EOS 6D Mark II

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 29 June 2017 – Canon, world-leader in imaging solutions, has today unveiled the highly anticipated EOS 6D Mark II for both passionate hobbyist and professional photographers. A full frame DSLR camera featuring Canon’s latest generation technologies, EOS 6D Mark II is designed for those photographers who want to take their photography to the next level.

Successor to Canon’s EOS 6D, EOS 6D Mark II is a highly capable full frame DSLR camera for a range of specialist photography categories, from travel to portraits. It offers huge advancements to users allowing greater shooting possibilities, additional control and flexibility to achieve their photography vision. EOS 6D Mark II has been developed following feedback from users, and as such, will enable photographers to go beyond their limits as they take their creations further. With its new full frame sensor, DIGIC 7 processor, 45 point AF system and Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, EOS 6D Mark II delivers the highest quality images fulfilling the needs of both professionals and hobbyists alike.

EOS 6D Mark II’s new 26.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor offers users of Canon’s current EOS 6D, and APC-S sensor EOS DSLRs, unrivalled image quality and improved performance. Its high dynamic range ensures exceptional exposure latitude allowing users to push their boundaries when shooting in bright light conditions. The improved ISO 40,000, expanding to ISO 102,400, allows flexibility so documentary photographers can snap scenes with the confidence that details will be retained even in the darkest nights. Combined with the latest DIGIC 7 processor EOS 6D Mark II’s technology creates high quality files straight from the camera. Whether you’re shooting a starry night in your garden or even the Northern Lights, users have the command to ‘wow’ and expand their portfolio in new, exciting ways.

With EOS 6D Mark II users can command greater control over their creative vision thanks to the 45 point AF system, which can be customised and allows more precise tracking. The upgrade to EOS 6D Mark II gives users the possibility to capture difficult scenarios with fast, spontaneous action such as the bride and groom walking down a confetti filled aisle. Alongside DIGIC 7’s image processing advancements, EOS 6D Mark II can predict the movement of a subject across the frame and respond rapidly. When combined with the 6.5 fps, EOS 6D Mark II opens a whole new range of possibilities. EOS 6D Mark II’s new AF system retains the ability to accurately lock onto subjects even in the lowest lighting, perfect for portraits in diminishing ambient lights.

Canon’s renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology allows for high performance tracking as well as smoother focusing, and shorter focusing times, for movies. These features are a great advantage for shooting macro and product photography aided by the Live View screen.

EOS 6D Mark II is the first full frame EOS camera to include built-in 5-axis movie stabilisation that counteracts shake when footage is captured hand-held and on-the-move. The vari-angle LCD touch-screen allows users to switch focus at the tap of the screen and reach tricky angles when shooting unusual perspectives or in a crowd.

EOS 6D Mark II is the first camera from Canon to have both 4K time-lapse movie mode and intervalometer for more diverse movie making. Getting creative is made even easier and capturing footage in up to 4K resolution is ideal for shooting star-scapes in brilliant detail. The built-in intervalometer gives users maximum possibilities when editing their time-lapse movies.

Offering even smarter connectivity, EOS 6D Mark II boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth1 for an always on connection. Giving users even more flexibility when transmitting images to smart devices, users can easily share their work to speed up their workflow. Its capabilities allow photographers to control their camera from their smartphone to shoot images or video remotely; advantageous for users cautious of distracting their subject with movement, such as a resting butterfly. The built-in GPS keeps track of location, allowing you to automatically chronicle the destinations in which you create your stories.

EOS 6D Mark II is the camera to have for users seeking the highest quality images every time to bring their story to life. With EOS 6D Mark II users have the confidence to shoot whatever the lighting, offering precision and accuracy so users can focus on their creative vision. EOS 6D Mark II is a compact and lightweight full frame DSLR camera. It is resistant to dust and moisture, making it ideal for on-the-go shooting whilst offering top performance to complement users’ needs. EOS 6D Mark II gives users the power to approach their photography in new, exciting ways and offers reliable high performance to unleash their creative ambitions.

BG-E21 is a bespoke battery grip for EOS 6D Mark II which can hold two battery packs simultaneously, and is compatible with both LP-E6N and LP-E6 battery packs. By improving the camera’s battery life BG-E21 doubles the number of possible shots. BG-E21 replicates the buttons of the top right body of EOS 6D Mark II. This means that the camera can be used in exactly the same way when shooting vertically, ensuring the ergonomics is not hindered. Users will also help to provide better handling and balance when shooting with heavier lenses.

Pricing and availability

The EOS 6D Mark II will be available in July 2017 with an RRP of £1,999.99/€2,499.99 body only
The EOS 6D Mark II can also be purchased with an EF 24-105 STM kit with an RRP of £2,379.99/€2,944.99

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