Saturday, July 8, 2017

Nikon's D810 replacement to be announced on the 25th of July

Nikon D810 from 2014
Hark , the Nikon rumors sing! , Nikon's upcoming D810 successor is stated for a July 25th launch - the same day of Nikon's 100th anniversary . The special date , which will be celebrated with Nikon anniversary branded goodies including a special D5 ,D500 , the holy trinity ,pins and T shirts ,is also rumored to be the launch date of the new Nikon Full frame camera which would replace the D810 by improving the megapixel count to around 42-45 MP  and feature the expanded AF coverage featured on the Nikon D5 . The camera is also said to improve its ISO sensitivity , giving it some good low light capabilities and might have better dynamic range (hopefully) .

Video features rumored for the upcoming camera might include 4K - a feature borrowed from the D500 and D5 and having it will give the camera an edge over competing products even if you plan not to use this as a main video camera (But expect to hear crowds of angry villagers with pitchforks roaring down the road if they don't include that feature though). The display is also said to be tilt-able (like the D750) making it better for video . Touchscreen functions are welcome , but we don't expect to see it , but who knows ? Nikon might add the feature (and that's to be seen though) .

Nikon is said to announce the Nikon D820 (or D850 to stay neutral on the naming rumors) on the 25th of July along with some other rumored Nikon gear (which we are not sure of yet) . So get your cheques ready ,and get ready to say happy birthday as well .

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