Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nikon's president confirms that a mirrorless camera is in the works!

Mr Kazuo Ushida  
With the mirrorless generation slowly taking over the ILC market , its inevitable that DSLR manufacturers would eventually try their hand at making their own mirrrorless cameras in order to stay relevant in the future . Currently both Canon and Nikon have worked on the new technology , but only Canon managed to make a decent model with the announcement of the EOS M5 ,.Nikon , a company that took a different approach by making a 1" sensor equipped Nikon 1 series did not place much emphasis on creating a mirrorless camera as the technology at the time was a bit primitive , but now , with companies like Sony , Panasonic and Fuji stealing thunder from them , Nikon has finally come to terms with the situation and , according to Nikon president Mr Kazuo Ushida , the company is ready to release "Mirrorless cameras " at an early stage .

So what does this mean , well based off our Google translate result on the article , we can confirm that the mirrorless camera news is in fact true . This also follows some text which describe Nikon's current standing on their Semiconductor business (Lithography) which is mostly to blame for Nikon's recent setback . The company however is said to bring new reforms as it plans to stay competitive in that sector as well .  So , what about cameras then , well according to Mr Ushida , the company is planning on focusing on Mid level and professional grade DSLR cameras and reduce the model saturation which would probably narrow down the multiple conflicting models down to a few less , enabling the company to keep their professional users happy , and profits up as R&D and advertising can be saved for other , more important ventures .

As a writer's prediction , we might see the Nikon D610 axed off in favor of continuing the highly successful  D700/750 series . The Df , which was the odd duck in Nikon's DSLR lineup , will probably live up to its name - Digital Future in the form of a mirrorless camera as the design and layout perfectly suits the compactness offered by such technology , and Nikon will hopefully include 4K in all of its professional range , including the upcoming D820/850as not including will open a whole new can of worms in this day and age (take this personal prediction with a grain  of salt!)

So will Nikon come clean with its Mirrorless ambitions and launch a Mirrorless camera on their Birthday , only time will tell .

Source - petapixel

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