Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Although the days of film are long gone , the cameras that of a bygone era have certainly left their mark on photographic history . Ihagee cameras , a German film camera maker has now been ressurected thanks to crowdfunding on Kickstarter and is set to make their first 35mm film camera (under the Ihagee name) since the brand disappeared during the 1970's .

 The camera , named the Ihagee ELBAFLEX (Ihagee used the Exakta name unto 1970 and it is still trademarked , but ELBAFLEX is said to be used in Ihagee cameras from the  1970's and the startup selected this name instead) . 

The camera , like most 35mm film camera revivals on kickstarter (Reflex 1 for example) is based on the Nikon F mount , With manual everything and wooden inserts , the camera is certainly going to be a great option for film shooters who want something "new" (but still old fashioned) . The ISO , shutter dials are all metallic and it features a flash sync port with 1/60 sync speed . The camera does not require any battery power as the shutter is all mechanical and It goes all the way unto 1/500 . 

Pricing (pledging) for the camera starts at $299 if you want a basic ELBAFLEX basic model . The ELBAFLEX prime model on the other hand requires a $529 pledge . The difference between the models include the addition of a wooden grip , leather coverings and a full 5 year warranty plus quality assurance in Germany . The base model on the other hand does not come with the wooden grip (optional) and has no leather options for its cover , it also lacks the 5 year warranty and instead comes with a 2 year one and a Ukrainian factory quality pass . Both camera models are hand made in the Ukraine with the German team of the project providing oversight and designs .

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Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Petapixel

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